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ExTeamWeb CMS v2.0

Уважаемые клиенты и пользователи форума. Представляем новую и улучшенную версию Web-обвязки для серверов MuOnline - ExTeamWeb v2.0 CMS. ExTeamWeb v2.0 CMS - это новая версия достаточно известной в MuOnline сообществе CMS. Было проделано много работы по улучшению, оптимизации и автоматизации CMS.
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Season 10 Episode 3 Multi-Emulator [EN]

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Dear customers and users

Introducing you Season 10 Episode 3 Multi-Emulator


Maximum online on one server: 1000
Server File Optimization
All Sevverver are united in one


  • - Display party members on the map
  • - Batch search system
  • - Clan search system


  • - Setting season switching
  • - Enchantment Calculator (Characterization Setting)
  • - Item Drop Manager
  • - Experience gained and loss of xena on cards
  • - Monster stats
  • - Welcome system
  • - News system
  • - Offline trading for Zen, Bless, Soul, Chaos
  • - Setting PvP balance between characters
  • - Set up a dynamic reset experience
  • - Inside game reset system
  • - Inside the game grand reset system
  • - Drop settings after character death
  • - Fixed speed bug
  • - Increased the distance of drawing objects
  • - setting up pricing for any comans
  • - Setting the level, reset and premium status for using the coma
  • - Client customization settings are configured on the server side.
  • - Post color settings
  • - Maximum stats on the server
  • - Skill Settings
  • - Buff settings


  • - Trey mod with notifications
    - 3D Camera
    - Support FULL HD


  • - packet encryption
    - detection of speed changes by third-party applications
    - Subject to closing the window ALT + F4


  • - The maximum number of switchable chests: 5
    - Reconnect System (ReConnect)
    - Graphic effects effects in the game
    - Automatic change of party leader at break

Price: 400 USD













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