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Уважаемые клиенты и пользователи форума. Представляем новую и улучшенную версию Web-обвязки для серверов MuOnline - ExTeamWeb v2.0 CMS. ExTeamWeb v2.0 CMS - это новая версия достаточно известной в MuOnline сообществе CMS. Было проделано много работы по улучшению, оптимизации и автоматизации CMS.
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Protect Server [EN]

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EX PROTECTION SERVER - software to prevent players from using cheats (dishonest game techniques).




Computer operating systems provide different levels of access to resources. A protection ring is one of two or more hierarchical levels or layers of privilege within the architecture of a computer system. This is generally hardware-enforced by some CPU architectures that provide different CPU modes at the hardware or microcode level. Rings are arranged in a hierarchy from most privileged (most trusted, usually numbered zero) to least privileged (least trusted, usually with the highest ring number). On most operating systems, Ring 0 is the level with the most privileges and interacts most directly with the physical hardware such as the CPU and memory.

- client file encryptor


- server-based security protection
- encryption of client files

- protection of client files from replacement
- kernel level protection
- Encryption of protocol packets
- demonstration of the player's screen
- list of running player processes
- update client files
- update file parser
- protocol protection in the game server
- client debugging protection
- protection of memory aders
- client thread protection
- the maximum number of windows from one PC
- blocking by ip address
- hard drive lock pc
- manager cheat and hack
- Encode file tools
- logs address of the intruder
- logs of the malicious address of the intruder
- logs of the intruder's HDD
- logs Player Name of the intruder



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