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ExTeamWeb CMS v2.0

Уважаемые клиенты и пользователи форума. Представляем новую и улучшенную версию Web-обвязки для серверов MuOnline - ExTeamWeb v2.0 CMS. ExTeamWeb v2.0 CMS - это новая версия достаточно известной в MuOnline сообществе CMS. Было проделано много работы по улучшению, оптимизации и автоматизации CMS.
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[EN] ExTeamWeb CMS v2.0

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Dear customers and users of the forum. Congratulations on the upcoming 2019 year and present a new and improved version of the Web-binding for MuOnline servers - ExTeamWeb CMS v2.0.
ExTeamWeb CMS v2.0 - This is a new version fairly well-known in the MuOnline CMS community. Much work has been done to improve, optimize and automate CMS
During the New Year holidays 30% discount.


Features CMS:

  • Safe, optimized and customizable
  • Automated CMS system с full control of all key functions in the admin panel.
  • Multi-language support - Improved language manager as wellnews and pages in 2 variations
  • Personal account is now included in the CMS
  • Character Market
  • The market for items with game currency choices
  • Update System in which you can check the current version and automatically update to the latest version
  • The license server, as well as closed source code.
  • 5 options for connecting to the MSSQL server (optimized system for connecting to the PDO DBLIB database, PDO SQLSRV, PDO ODBC Driver)
  • Support for multiple servers (databases), up to 5.
  • Support for multiple server currencies, up to 5. Currency Manager in which you can add currencies to your server and use them as Payment/Reward
  • Caching
  • Protected from attacks (all entries are filtered for malicious code)
  • Logging System
  • Quick and easy installation
  • SEO Optimized
  • Any type of WebServer support
  • Active support/CMS development

Features AdminCP:

  • Intuitive Website Management
  • Intro (Promo) page settings
  • Settings of database and connection type
  • Settings caching
  • Server Currency Settings Manager
  • System of fast automatic update
  • System logs
  • Editing event timer (Event Timer)
  • Support system/Messages from users (create/read/reply requests)
  • Settings user modules
  • News Management (Add/Change/Delete)
  • Manage pages (Add/Change/Delete)
  • News and pages in 2 versions (RU/EN)
  • Settings SEO
  • SMTP Mail Settings
  • Manage player blocking (BanSystem)
  • Dashboard - information panel
  • Full control widgets
  • Full control of statistics pages
  • Account Search (getting account information)
    • Search accounts by IP address
    • Search accounts by nickname character
    • Search accounts by login
  • List of accounts online
  • Online payment settings Interkassa
  • add/subtract server currencies
  • Features online/statistics cheats


  • Server Information (Online, Castle Owners, etc.)
  • Latest threads from the forum
  • The strongest players (top players)
  • Top Guilds
  • Top killers
  • Event Timer
  • Character Market (latest characters for sale)
  • Market (latest items for sale)


  • News Page
  • Download Page
  • Donation information page
  • Rules page
  • Server Information Page
  • Pages added in admin panel
  • Rating pages
    • General server statistics
    • Player Ratings
    • Guild Rating
    • Character Information
    • Guild Information
    • Players online
    • Rating of voters
    • List of Market characters (for sale)
    • Killer Rating (PC)
    • Banned List
    • Information about the castle siege (Castle Siege)

Account Personal Cabinet:

  • Check in
  • Authorization
  • Password recovery (sends password to email)
  • Account Panel
  • Referral system (wide configuration/up to 5 levels)
  • Character Market
  • Market of things
  • View of the chest (sending goods to the market)
  • Support System (create/read/reply requests)
  • System online payment/donations - Interkassa
  • VIP System (3 types: Gold/Silver/Bronze)
  • Voting Reward System (QTop, MMOTop)
  • Rating pages
    • Player Ratings
    • Guild Rating
    • Killer Rating (PC)
    • Character Information (Popup)
    • Guild Information (Popup)
    • Information about the castle siege
  • Change Password
  • Reset Module
  • Grand Reset Module
  • Distribution of free points
  • Module class change
  • Module name change (nickname)
  • System PC cleaning (killer)
  • Hiding information about the character
  • Module cleaning inventory
  • Module reset tree skills (SkillTree)
  • Module reset stats
  • Module reset of rage stats (RageSystem)
  • Module purchase rajed stats (RageSystem)
  • System return to spot (Need module on the server Return To Spot)
  • Exchange System/Currency Exchange ( under development)
  • Zen Wallet moving module ( in development)

Skype - conflict128 (Web Developer)
Цена - 150$
Transition from the previous version of CMS - 70$
With a Personal Account - 50$

Check whether your hosting is compatible with ExTeamWeb v2.0

  • Requirements:
    • PHP above 5.3
    • Hosting support for connection to MSSQL (one of):
      • DBLIB(mssql_connect)
      • ODBC
      • PDO_ODBC
      • PDO_DBLIB
      • PDO_SQLSRV
      • SQLSRV

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